Tuesday, December 30, 2008

15 points why someone should not deal with Aequor?

In the midst of all those corporate scandals and during a period of recession in the market it is very important to understand the organisation that you are working with or you are joining. Your bright career may end up in dark well.

Most Business Organisations -- just like most people in general -- are good. They know right from wrong, and try to do right. But there is flip side to it also some people make it there habit to cheat anyone and everyone, may be its there in their BLOOD, similarly for some of the organisations its there in their work culture to cheat its customer, both external customers and internal customers i.e. its employees. Joining such an organisation may turnout to be a nightmare to deal with as they are loyal to none not even the community, society and the country.

Such an organisation is “Aequor”, which has the HQ in New Jersey, and the development centre is located in Gurgaon near Delhi. Here are some quick points on –

* Why you should not deal with Aequor?
* Why its disgraceful to work with Aequor?
* Why you should not work with Aequor?

1. Cheating customers: The headcount is less than half of that declared to the clients. Any employee can be made billable irrespective of skills and knowledge just for charging the customer.
2. Underpaid employees
3. Excessive work pressure, employees made to work extra hours in extremely stressful environment.
4. Employees compelled to work on national holidays also without any compensation for the extra day worked.
5. Heights of organisational politics, no work culture and business ethics
6. Lacks professionalism
7. Highly discriminative environment

(If you are a Punjabi, you always have an upper edge even if you don’t have attitude, aptitude and skills)

8. Growth for bootlickers
9. After giving resigning and giving the notice of one month the salary and relieving letter are not provided to the exiting employees.
10. Management does abide by the company policies as declared earlier.
11. Employee’s harassment.
12. Inadequate facilities to the employees.
13. In-human quality of meals for the employees.
14. Transport provided by the company is mostly overloaded and employees are packed into cabs like animals.
15. Employees feel insecured, demotivated and depressed due to improper work environment and fear of loosing job. That’s not all, at times you may have to compromise with your self respect.

If you are looking for business solution then certainly dealing with Aequor may turn out to be very bad experience to you and your organisation. Moreover, the quality of work will definitely be not good as the way they deal with their employees.

If you want to be professional, successful, hungry for growth and are willing to work in highly motivated environment then be rest assured Aequor is not the organisation to work with! You may end up in depression!!

The above information is based on my interaction with Aequor Employees.